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Offshore Recruiting

Extend your recruiting horizons to include well-educated, up-to-date, motivated professionals from overseas. We can connect you with experienced talent that speaks your language, from high tech to high finance, from manufacturing to data processing.

We also associate with many other specialist search firms in the India and overseas. These partner offices and affiliates give us a vast and varied network of Recruiters offering us incredible resources to draw upon to find a wide-range of candidates. Networking gives us enormous additional resources to draw upon to provide the best possible selection of candidates for our clients.

we have performed staffing services for a broad range of employers in a wide spectrum of jobs for small private firms, foreign and domestic government agencies, and many of the world's largest private employers.

Getting the right candidates at the right time is every HR Managers dream. At EXPLORE INFORMATICS, we work towards achieving it for our clients. We have considerable expertise in providing Recruitment Services at various levels. Our streamlined system is tuned to understand the client requirement and select the right candidate that matches their needs.